Webinar Q3 2019: Run to where the ball will be.
23 October 2019

Webinar Q3 2019: Run to Where the Ball Will Be

Webinar Q2 2019: Unusual Insurance
30 July 2019

Webinar Q2 2019: Unusual Insurance

Screenshot of resource paper reading Credit Portfolios, Valuations and Liquidity
1 July 2019

Market Value & Liquidity

In this paper, Richard Quin outlines the key structural features that should be incorporated into in an open-ended credit investment fund.

9 May 2019

Webinar Q1 2019: Are We There Yet?

29 November 2018

Press Release: Bentham Funds celebrate 15 & 20yr anniversaries

Bentham Asset Management is celebrating the 15 and 20-year anniversaries of the Bentham Global Income Fund…

21 February 2018

The five charts the experts are watching right now

Bond markets recently slapped equity investors in the face with a quick 50-basis point reminder of who is really in charge. James…

1 December 2017

The importance of the capital structure in credit investments

Before making any investment decision, whether it’s in equity, fixed income or property it’s important to consider whether you are adequately compensated for the risks you are taking. Understanding where your investment sits in the capital structure will help you recognise the potential downside that could result in permanent loss of capital.

15 February 2017

Bentham Asset Management wins in the Financial Standard 2018 Investment Leadership Awards

We are pleased Bentham was announced as the winner of the Financial Standard 2018 Investment Leadership Award in the Fixed Income…

Graph showing asset class historical nominal returns vs historical risk
1 March 2012

Lost in the Middle

A discussion paper written by Richard Quin, concerning the position of credit vis a vis portfolio construction in the post global financial crisis economy.