Tobacco Exclusion across Bentham Funds

Addressing financial support of tobacco companies is a crucial piece in global efforts to control tobacco.

Accordingly, Bentham has incorporated within their Environmental, Social and Environmental (ESG) Policy, an explicit exclusion to the support of and investment in tobacco manufacturers/producers.

Effective 23 April 2021, Bentham will exclude investments with any revenue from the manufacture and/or production of tobacco products across their suite of managed funds. This does not include any other parts of the supply chain or exposure via structured securities.

For clarity this includes:

  • Bentham Asset Backed Securities Fund 
  • Bentham High Yield Fund
  • Bentham Global Income Fund
  • Bentham Global Opportunities Fund
  • Bentham Syndicated Loan Fund

This change does not alter the investment objectives or strategies of any of the Funds listed.