Lost in the Middle

A discussion paper written by Richard Quin, concerning the position of credit vis a vis portfolio construction in the post global financial crisis economy.

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Market Value & Liquidity

Research article by Richard Quin, highlighting the value of a well-constructed credit portfolio and what happened in 2008. For use of this article, please email Richard Quin at

Over the last 8 months investors have seen significant volatility in credit markets. Thus far this sell off in credit markets has been a general or systemic market sell off in risk.Once defaults start to increase and risk is more specific or idiosyncratic the structure of the credit funds will become even more important. We have observed a number...

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Missing Asset Class

The Global Financial Crisis, it is common to see Australian investors with their assets allocated between two extremes, with large weightings to low risk cash and fixed interest at one end, and to equities at the other, leaving a rather large gap in the middle.

This is unfortunate, because there is an income-producing asset that sits comfortably in that gap. This is The Missing Asset Class.

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The importance of the capital structure in credit investments

Before making any investment decision, whether it’s in equity, fixed income or property it’s important to consider whether you are adequately compensated for the risks you are taking. Understanding where your investment sits in the capital structure will help you recognise the potential downside that could result in permanent loss of capital.

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